Message from Addictionlink Editor, Ryan K. Bennett

drug recoveryFinding the right drug rehabilitation program might be one of the toughest decisions of your life. Saving a life is no small task and finding the right program is the first and most important step.

I personally battled with addictions for over 12 years, and quite frankly, when it came down to finding a treatment center – it was a challenging and frustrating process, but in the end I was lucky to end up with a solution that worked for me.

Sobriety gave me a new beginning fo clear thinking, and clean health so that I could inspire others to embrace hope, to not give up, and to truly believe that there is a way to heal. This does not need to be a life debilatating disease if you don’t let it. This is a condition, a horrible condition, but one that can be treated and healed. I am proof of that, and so is the thousands of clients that we have found help for.

There are incredible holistic treatment facilities all across North America that do in fact work – that do in fact have amazing success rates.

Eliminate the doubt and guess work in your search for an addictions program.

Allow my counsellors to assess your needs and guide you to a program with the best overall results suited to your needs, because if we can help you save a life – there’s no better reward ever – this I guarantee you!

May you find wealth in all area of your life — Ryan K. Bennett