Rehabilitation centers for Oklahoma:

Since 1960, the violent crime rate in Oklahoma has risen over 400%.  Oklahoma is ranked 14 for National violent crime rates.  In 2005, 5,551 arrests were made for violent crime and many of them were directly related to drug addiction and/or alcoholism.

Crystal Meth and crack cocaine are the most prominent drug abuse problems facing Oklahoma today.  More often than not, this is in addition to an existing alcohol addiction.  Rehabilitation programs in Oklahoma are specifically geared toward not only these, but all drug and alcohol related addictions.  Drug and Alcohol treatment centers in Oklahoma offer detox rehab, in patient rehab, out patient rehab, 12 step rehab, residential rehab and bio-physical rehab.  Because no two addicts are alike, neither can their treatment be alike.  Oklahoma treatment programs offer a unique mixture of rehabilitation programs based on the needs of each individual.

In 2007, there were 148 drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers across Oklahoma.  This number is expected to rise due to the use of drug and alcohol rehabilitation as a diversion program by the Oklahoma court system.  Realizing the role physician’s play in many addiction scenarios, crackdowns have begun in that arena as well.  A doctor takes an oath not to harm a human life, but if they are overprescribing, that is exactly what they are doing.

Alcoholism does not go unnoticed or untreated by Oklahoma drug treatment programs.  Since alcoholism has a genetic tie, treating alcoholism is imperative to helping to break the cycle.  Drug addictions and alcohol addictions are treatable.  Oklahoma drug rehab and alcohol treatment works with individuals to provide them with the programs most apt to be successful.  Since there are a variety of treatment options available, determination is often the deciding factor in finding a successful program regimen.  Each treatment program is unique, and may need to be tweaked or adjusted to fit each individual.