Washington Rehabilitation:

Washington is reporting an alarming increase of drug and alcohol use among young people.  Surveys taken indicate that thousands more young people have experimented and/or regularly use drugs and/or alcohol.

According to drug and alcohol treatment centers in Washington here are some of the danger signs that your child may be on their way to drug addiction and/or alcoholism.
•    Decreased interest in favorite activities
•    Decreased family participation (aside from the normal adolescent withdrawal)
•    More and more careless about money (perhaps stealing from family members increases)
•    Increased lying and other unwanted behaviors.

If you are having concerns about your youngster, or any loved one, contact a Washington drug and alcohol rehab center immediately.  Drug addiction and alcoholism wind up spinning lives and entire families out of control.  Washington offers a variety of drug treatment and alcohol treatment centers.  With youngsters, early intervention is still a possibility.  Contact a local rehab center to find out the best way to do that.

Drug addiction and alcoholism at any age is devastating.  Addiction ruins lives, careers, families and communities.  An estimated 600,000 + people in Washington are believed to need drug and/or alcohol treatment.  Many times, alcohol addiction leads to an additional drug addiction.  This is called a dual diagnosis and is not uncommon.

If you believe someone you love is suffering from alcohol abuse or drug abuse, seek help immediately.  Addictions do not simply go away and if help isn’t obtained, you may begin to fall into the trap of drug and alcohol abuse by covering up the truth.  There are addiction centers in Washington throughout the state.  They are staffed with caring professionals who are armed with a variety of drug and alcohol treatment programs.  They understand what you are going through, and are ready to help.