Oregon drug and alcohol facts and rehabilitation:

In 2008, Black tar heroin and crack cocaine seemed to pose the biggest threat to Oregon.  While the justice system cracks down on drug penalties and DUIs, Oregon Rehabilitation Programs arm themselves with the best treatment options available.

Drug addiction and alcoholism have serious repercussions nationwide.  Not only are the drug addict and/or alcohol addict a danger to themselves, but to family and society as a whole.  Prevention, intervention and treatment remain the goals of Oregon’s fight against drug and alcohol addictions.  The goal of Oregon’s rehabilitation programs are to get people into treatment programs and stay out of the court systems.  Programs for drug addiction and/or alcoholism focus not only on the addict, but loved ones as well.

Continuing support is crucial to succeeding a drug or alcohol program.  It has been proven that for the most part, individuals may fail at drug and/or alcohol recovery at least once before they succeed.  People do not become addicts overnight, nor can they be diminished overnight.  There are many types of treatments available, so sticking with it until the right combination is found is imperative.  Rehabilitation programs are often centered on the fact that emotion plays a big part in drug addictions as well as alcoholism.  Both the physical and the mental affect and causes of addiction must be addressed.  While the primary function of drug and alcohol treatment centers is treatment, prevention and intervention also play a role.  Both alcoholism and drug addictions are often family affairs.

There are many drug and alcohol treatment centers in Oregon, while all of the major cities have rehab treatment facilities, some smaller areas do as well.  Where the nearest center is can be found in your phone book, or by calling information.  Help is available for drug addicts, alcoholics, and their families.